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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

State Audit Report on UCOP: "The University of California Office of the President: Report 2016-130—It Failed to Disclose Tens of Millions in Surplus Funds, and Its Budget Practices Are Misleading"

See: full report


Fact sheet:

Survey responses


"Specific concerns we discuss in the audit report include the following:
• The Office of the President has accumulated more than $175 million in undisclosed restricted and discretionary reserves;
as of fiscal year 2015–16, it had $83 million in its restricted reserve and $92 million in its discretionary reserve.
• More than one-third of its discretionary reserve, or $32 million, came from unspent funds from the campus assessment—
an annual charge that the Office of the President levies on campuses to fund the majority of its discretionary operations.
• In certain years, the Office of the President requested and received approval from the Board of Regents (regents) to
increase the campus assessment even though it had not spent all of the funds it received from campuses in prior years.
• The Office of the President did not disclose the reserves it had accumulated, nor did it inform the regents of the annual
undisclosed budget that it created to spend some of those funds. The undisclosed budget ranged from $77 million to
$114 million during the four years we reviewed.
• The Office of the President was unable to provide a complete listing of the systemwide initiatives, their costs, or an
assessment of their continued benefit to the university.
• While it appears that the Office of the President’s administrative spending increased by 28 percent, or $80 million,
from fiscal years 2012–13 through 2015–16, the Office of the President continues to lack consistent definitions of and
methods for tracking the university’s administrative expenses.
We found it particularly troublesome that the Office of the President intentionally interfered in our efforts to assess
the types and quality of services it provides to campuses. Correspondence between the Office of the President and the
campuses shows that the Office of the President inappropriately reviewed campuses’ survey responses, which resulted
in campuses making changes to those responses prior to submitting them to us—campus statements that were critical
of the Office of the President had been removed or substantially revised, and negative ratings had been changed to be
more positive.
Taken as a whole, these problems indicate that significant change is necessary to strengthen the public’s trust in the University
of California. To achieve this change, we believe the Legislature should increase its oversight of the Office of the President."

Here is some coverage:
LATimes with
"University of California administration is paying excessive salaries and mishandling funds, state audit says"

Don't miss
San Jose Mercury:


Auditor rips UC for keeping millions in secret fund


"UC kept secret $175 million reserve as it raised tuition, state audit finds

Read more here:


Associated Press has this:

USA Today with:
And US News:

CHE, of course, with: Janet Napolitano Disputes Finding That Her Office Held $175 Million in Undisclosed Funds

And UCOP, which it seems can't confirnm its own headcount has this: -- is that more a matter of the upcoming June report of the audit of UCPATH?

Some UC Regents want to readdress the tuition hike vote they made in light of this new info in the audit, :

UC Office of the President Pays Excessive Salaries, Mishandles Funds: State Audit


There is also one on Cal State system:
California State University:
Report 2016-122—Stronger Oversight Is Needed for Hiring and Compensating Management Personnel and for Monitoring Campus Budgets

And, on some recent UCOP hiring, there's:
"UC Appointment of Title IX Coordinator Won’t Address Campus-Level Issues.."

Monday, April 24, 2017

Coulter, BCR make their move, presser, more

Updates and some op ed:

"Ann Coulter is exploiting UC Berkeley, safety be damned"

And more:

Ann Coulter, Berkeley College Republicans File Lawsuit Against UC Berkeley
The suit claims Berkeley “restrict[ed] and stifle[d] the speech of conservative students whose voices fall beyond the campus political orthodoxy.”


1pm press conference too...


No Peace out? What about the word geopolitics? 'Global' overused has lost its allure...

Napolitano discusses "the UC system’s ongoing efforts to mitigate sexual misconduct by faculty, the possibility of an enrollment cap for out-of-state students and the newly-hired Chancellor of UC Berkeley, her recent trip to Mexico to promote academic partnerships."

Checking in with University of California President Janet Napolitano
"University of California President Janet Napolitano joins us this hour to discuss the UC system’s ongoing efforts to mitigate sexual misconduct by faculty, the possibility of an enrollment cap for out-of-state students and the newly-hired Chancellor of UC Berkeley. We’ll also talk to Napolitano about her recent trip to Mexico to promote academic partnerships."
It runs about 52 miñutes

She also answers questions on DACA, Dreamers
UCSF outsourcing, off shoring of IT
National issues
UC housing

- her answers are not followed up on , some have described it as "softball"interview. Would have to agree,several of the questions needed follow up.
The interviewer asks about/mentioned her health a few times. She says she is doing well.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Way They Talk About It...

Where 'an elite university' = UC Berkeley, see: An elite university is offering a fast-track program for tech leaders that's more competitive than Stanford

"Grimes worried that business and engineering students would come to resent MET students, because they receive special treatment. An analogy provided by a colleague calmed those fears.

"It's like the Navy Seals. They're going through a workload that nobody else is enduring," Grimes says. "Even though not every midshipman is doing the same thing, they respect the ones standing out in the cold water longer, up before the sun rises, to do extra reps.""

"The Haas School and the College of Engineering raised more than $10 million in endowments for the new program."...

"Marjorie DeGraca, executive director of MET, says she saw a large number of engineers walk through her door during her time as the assistant dean of admissions at the Haas School.

"They're coming back because their career has been stopped or because they're not able to make that transition into more of a business function, because they've been labeled in a certain way," DeGraca says."...

"Panel endorses bill aimed at reducing number of college students in remedial classes"

"Why Some Cities and States Are Footing the Bill for Community College"
Americans are often expected to have some level of higher education before they enter the workforce. These political leaders are asking: Shouldn’t government help them along?


"At some colleges that recruit veterans and their GI Bill money, none graduate"
Federal figures show the success rate for veterans at some schools is infinitesimal

In Focus, focus, focus

CNN Money has a whole bunch of recent stories on higher education and students plights:

What Betsy DeVos wants to do to your student loans


Bipartisan bill could help you pay off your student loans


Clamp down on visas for doctors could hurt these parts of the U.S.

What you need to know about New York's tuition-free scholarship

New York offers free college tuition. So do these countries

More proof that college is key to the American Dream

Friday, April 21, 2017

Goose, gander, and geezers grab snowflake theory...

In San Gabriel Valley Tribune see this letter to the editor:
"Harassment at the UCs

I read with interest, dismay and angst the article about the sexual harassment cases at UC campuses (April 2). I was taken back to my own experience of sexual harassment over 30 years ago at UCLA as a young faculty member. At that time, I was exposed on many occasions to inappropriate touching by a senior faculty member. It was a repeated humiliating violation, and I did my best to push the man off me, but he persisted. He was a consultant on a research project that I was involved in and it was not possible at the time to remove him.

I reported the situation to another member of the department whose desk was in the next room. He told me that"...
However, I discovered over the years in sharing my trauma with other women at UCLA, they too had experienced sexual harassment by faculty members or staff. The most recent shared experience was with a young woman just a few months ago. She was sexually harassed by another staffer.

She shared that one of the most troubling aspects of this situation was the rebuke of her colleagues after she filed the complaint. Furthermore, she indicated that she would not be returning to UCLA given the additional trauma of being ostracized for her reporting. I asked what happened"...
Read the full thing here:

Then there's:
"Berkeley Is Being Tested on 2 Fronts: Free Speech and Safety"

"Conservative group threatens UC Berkeley over Ann Coulter appearance"
Los Angeles Times

Lawyer to UC Berkeley: Let Ann Coulter speak next week — or else

--If campus is forced to put in place more restrictive policies in response- one could see other UC student and staff orgs making similar moves in turn e.g. like claiming this latest episode by one group caused the other groups to lose long standing enjoyment of the campus in existing policies etc- and it could go on and on - goose gander...

How does a student group decide the date by fiat without prior approval from campus?? ,is that what really happened in this instance?

See UCB admin email includes:
"For that reason, when we learned through the newspapers "
See in full the admin email here:

And horning in on Coulter's moment?:


See: "How Berkeley has become the far left and far right’s battleground"


The TV pundits didn't offer much illumination in coverage by and large: when they discussed Berkeley on one show some journalists reached for snowflake theory to explain it all , the host sounded like he thinks if he books the person as a regular guest than University is obligated to facilitate as well apparently- will post the vid or transcript of that section if they put that segment up, but as of yet nada...Just tweets on that segment:
"That's why we come here, to see radical ideas exposed to us ... that's why we come to college." @HardballChris on free speech #berkeley"

"#Berkeley is the home of the protest." @carlsonmargaret #Hardball

This makes the university look out of touch." @HardballChris on #Berkeley cancelling @AnnCoulter #Hardball"

In another segment, importantly, UCLA's Promise Institute efforts come up in reference to a new Christian Bale movie:

BTW will add in here--How late night hosts will frame themselves historically for booking O'Reilly over the many years will also be interesting to media watch, experts say...


A sorta update from AP at LA Times on the Cal speaking engagement saga