Friday, December 15, 2017

“I’m fairly critical of the Pac-12 organization,’’ she said. “Like many central organizations — you could think about the office of the president here as an analogy, and it’s just human nature — you tend to elaborate your own organization rather than understanding that it should be as small and efficient as possible for the benefit of the members.”

- is that about OP too?
See SJ Merc: "Cal chancellor Carol Christ expresses “three sets of concerns” about the Pac-12’s direction, criticizes the conference office itself"

At Daily Cal:

Examining the lack of faculty diversity in the UC Berkeley biology department

..."the only faculty member of color in the UC Berkeley integrative biology department — for nearly 30 years."...


See: "UCSF fired head of sexual harassment prevention office"


The Takedown of Title IX

It is unclear when this report will be released:
On the UCSF story at the top...
Also unknown how it might or might not affect link to this other headline:

Thursday, December 14, 2017

And a golden goose or goose egg in a pear tree..?

Sing it, w/ feeling:


"The GOP tax bill contains several provisions that will undercut America’s colleges and universities."

"Colleges, universities targeted in GOP bills"

UC applications race:

And, has the Cal Chancellor kept promises?
The Atlantic on community colleges:

This Op Ed on Napolitano:
"Why couldn’t Napolitano pivot? Because her failure wasn’t merely her overly defensive response to an audit. She also failed to offer a compelling vision for transformation of the UC. She never had a policy offense, just defense.
Napolitano made popular moves to increase student diversity and to focus on climate. But what UC needs is a systemic change that gives the universities the footing to expand their enrollment, quality and production of graduates – rapidly.
The opening for this is obvious; PPIC says the state will be short more than 1 million college graduates by the end of the next decade. UC’s leaders should enact a plan to cover half that shortage themselves.
That would mean the doubling or more of its number of graduates. Which would be great. California is no longer the national leader it was during the 20th century in college graduates—21st century leadership requires a return to that.
Also, being able to produce excellent graduates at scale is the essential question for public higher education in the world right now. If UC really is a leader, it needs to lead and show us how to do this.
When I made this point to Napolitano once, she answered by suggesting that would represent mission creep—UC isn’t for everybody. True, but California needs it to be for a lot more people than it currently is.
And to do that, it looks like the UC needs a new leader."

This story out of UC Davis now at multiple outlets via AP:

UC Davis strips ex-professor of titles following sexual assault claim
And at Sac Bee:

And raises some questions about any academic Senate procedures in it:

"Online-only California community college to target 'stranded workers'"


At the moment it seems:

"Proposed tax for graduate students killed, student loan interest deduction saved in congressional bill"

Revisit and What's up w/?:
"Republican tax bill takes aims at college athletics, stadium financing"

This was the Dec 13 UC Regents health services committee meeting:

And importantly, :

GOP Pushes Ahead on Higher Ed Act
"Republicans on House education committee -- with little patience for complaints over rushed process -- advanced out of committee an expansive update to law governing federal aid programs."

'Live long'and?:
"After debating and voting on amendments all day Tuesday, the House education committee advanced to the full chamber on a party-line vote a rewrite of the federal law governing higher education in the U.S.
The legislation, called the PROSPER Act, would change accountability for colleges and universities, alter the student financial aid landscape, and loosen restrictions on short-term and for-profit programs."...

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Revisiting UC 'Operational Excellence' talk...more.

Let's return to an earlier piece and ponder the true meaning of operational excellence in it:
UC, Texas A&M to team up on bid to operate LANL

See this section:
.. “But along with UC’s record of experience, of course, comes a record of some failures. There have been failures, in particular, in operations. And now the question becomes, if you’re a selection board, do you go with somebody who has experience but possibly questionable past performance? Or do you go with somebody who doesn’t have that kind of directly relevant experience, but has better past performance in things that are arguably similar?

“Or do you perhaps find somebody, some team, that combines some operational experience that you would consider highly relevant with past performance that you consider to be excellent?”"...

The 'regent Pattiz and UC regents culture and governance' issue comes up in: "How sexual harassment is playing out in the California governor's race", a new Sac Bee piece:


UC Merced brings in $3billion to State?!:
- that's a UC press release...or news?

Addressed 50 staffers, of a total staff of 10,000...:

..."improve morale and better connect with the school’s 10,000 staff members.

“We couldn’t do what we do, we couldn’t serve our students, we couldn’t serve our faculty were it not for the extraordinary work you do,” Christ told the group of 50 staffers."...

A UC Berkeley Law alum, and a UC Davis alum...

Are in this mix of emotions for many on this news:

- at the place where a majority of UC Regents Meetings occur, although there are now two scheduled for UCLA in the new calendar:
January 24-25 - UCSF Mission Bay
March 14-15 - UCLA
May 23-24 - UCSF Mission Bay
July 18-19 - UCSF Mission Bay
September 26-27 - UCLA
November 14-15 - UCSF Mission Bay

Speaking of UCLA-
Local abc affiliate on ways to help:

Monday, December 11, 2017

Gov. "Brown wants Pattiz to resign, according to two sources familiar with his thinking. He has had a senior staff member request Pattiz’s resignation at least once, the sources said, but Pattiz refused."... And on Climate Change

In depth article, see:
"Radio Mogul Under Pressure To Resign From Powerful California University Board
Several women have accused Norman Pattiz of sexual harassment."


..."The issue is complicated by the fact that it’s not possible for anyone ― including the board itself; any California legislative body; or the governor, who appoints most regents ― to remove Pattiz. Instead, Pattiz would need to voluntarily resign.

A lawyer for Pattiz told HuffPost, “Mr. Pattiz did not know of the letter (which I guess isn’t surprising given its underlying purpose).”

Brown wants Pattiz to resign, according to two sources familiar with his thinking. He has had a senior staff member request Pattiz’s resignation at least once, the sources said, but Pattiz refused.

The UC Regents, or as they are more formally known, the Regents of the University of California, are a governing board charged with overseeing the University of California system, including over 200,000 students and over 150,000 faculty and staff members. The Regents have broad powers and help to oversee a multibillion-dollar budget. The scandal-plagued University of California system has been working to improve its handling of sexual harassment cases by speeding up investigation timelines. And earlier this year, the Board of Regents also strengthened its own ethics policies, addressing procedures for investigations into alleged misconduct and providing options for sanctioning a regent if allegations are proven."
"Pattiz serves on the Academic and Student Affairs; Governance and Compensation; Public Engagement; and Development committees. He has served as the chair of the National Laboratories committee, but former Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher, who now serves on the Regents, is taking over that position, and Pattiz recently chaired his last committee meeting."

But there are Tauscher's recent controversial comments on sexual harassment, see:

What are the powers of the UC President of the UC Regents?


The President of the UC Regents Is Also:"The governor who's castigating the president on climate change"

--That piece On many other things as well see the full article for all of it.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

UC 'n A&M for LANL?

See: UC, Texas A&M to team up on bid to operate LANL

..."“It would make sense politically, certainly,” said Greg Mello of the Los Alamos Study Group, “and it would seem to make sense from a research perspective. Both schools have a little different niche in that regard.”"...

..."Neither officials at the University of California nor those at Texas A&M would confirm their partners or say whether they are working together.

“We can’t confirm or discuss any of our bid partners,” said UC’s Gary Falle, a government relations specialist working with California regents."

See the full article for more.