Thursday, October 19, 2017

..."Cal Athletics will have received about $100 million in bailouts, subsidies and annual student fees since fiscal year 2010, according to calculations by The Daily Californian."

An impossible situation’: Cal Athletics gets $20M bailout from chancellor’s office


Title IX and 30 programs likely scapegoating, but how much of $it$ goes to Memorial stadium retrofit etc.? And how much is allotted to each athletic program in the list of 30+?

Napolitano writes: "University of California and State Leaders Work to Enhance Public University Support for Survivors of Domestic Violence"

The President of the UC Regents covered in:
An Unexpected Ally for Betsy DeVos on Campus Sexual Assault
, more like that here and here

UC--A Pubic University System in a state of this:
Female lawmakers, staffers and lobbyists speak out on 'pervasive' harassment in California's Capitol

Women Denounce Harassment in California’s Capital

And then Sac Bee:

"She said a lack of whistleblower protections for Capitol staff makes it nearly impossible for women to do anything about sexual misconduct in the workplace. After her initial complaint to the Assembly in April 2013, Finnigan said, she was intimidated and dragged through an extensive legal battle that ultimately lasted four years. She feels as though the Assembly was trying to “silence” her.

“When a woman comes forward, they do listen, and then they become extremely hostile and make it impossible for you to work there,” she said. “Then you’re the bad guy.”

“The most disappointing part of this to me was the women who could have done something about it and didn’t,” Finnigan added, pointing to Turtle, Fox’s female chief of staff, and then-Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner, who was chair of the Assembly Rules Committee, where Finnigan made her complaint.

Skinner, a Berkeley Democrat who now serves in the Senate, was one of a half dozen lawmakers to sign the letter about sexual harassment in California politics. She said Finnigan filed her initial complaint against Fox’s chief of staff, not Fox, and it was not a sexual harassment claim.

​The Legislature has a long history of harassment complaints, which generally ended with taxpayer-funded settlements for the accusers. Over the past two decades, at least five have resulted in payouts totaling more than $850,000."

Brook-ings no dissent?, Brook-ings no argument? And 'Junk science'--, 'junk numbers' and narratives that 'get play' and narratives that don't...

That Brookings report got so much coverage by supposedly center right and left political pundits--, but this report with findings that challenge those earlier claims gets little coverage, but surprisingly here it is in CHE:
"Only 1 Percent of Students Would Consider Disrupting Speakers Violently, Survey Finds"

Only 1 Percent of Students Would Consider Disrupting Speakers Violently, Survey Finds
The results of a new survey suggest that very few students would consider resorting to violence to stop a controversial speaker.
It can be difficult to cut through the noise on campus free speech, an issue that arouses strong — and sometimes poorly informed — opinions both inside and outside higher ed.
The issue is so charged that even survey data can be shrouded in controversy. After several news outlets reported last month on a Brookings Institution survey that found a significant percentage of students agreed that violence could be used to combat hateful speech, several scholars contended the survey’s methodology was poor. One even called it "junk science."

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, or FIRE, an organization that advocates for free speech in higher ed, on Wednesday released its latest report on free-speech attitudes on campuses. The results draw on responses last summer from 1,250 undergraduates attending two- or four-year colleges in the United States.

Here are three interesting findings:"...


Remaking the University: Metrics Noir
By Christopher Newfield, Heather Steffen!
"Facebook piloted a scheme to increase voter turnout. Called the “voter megaphone,” the experiment allowed users to click an “I Voted” button and to see if their friends had voted. According to the company, the megaphone brought over 300,000 people to the polls who would otherwise have stayed home. It was a triumphant display of social media’s power to engineer social responsibility. News sites and podcasts abound with stories like this. Tech wizards and data scientists always seem to be tweaking algorithms that promise to make us more civically engaged, environmentally friendly, and personally efficient in a continuous progress toward better, more meaningful lives.
Yet there is a danger to this invisible nudging. Imagine "...


"Feeding a Dangerous Fiction
University crackdowns on speech hurt everyone, writes Christopher Newfield, and renew a false, decades-old depiction of campuses as overrun by censorious radicals."

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

An Extended Interview with UC President Napolitano. And the Gov on Title IX. And reminders of "the Regents Govern the Regents" throughout

Title IX , looming Tuition Increases, DACA, UC and Cal Budget, Dirks and Christ, and Free Speech in this lengthy transcript interview of pres Napolitano - the article buried in the Daily Cal Opinion section:

Transcript: Napolitano talks DACA, sexual harassment and tuition


Compare, contrast, attempt to reconcile the above with this other Higher Ed news where we are reminded the governor appoints UC Regents-- and now will he says he will appoint "knowledgeable people" for this:

" I intend to convene a group of knowledgeable persons who can help us chart the way forward."

Right leaning publications are spinning Brown's veto on this as akin to him aligning with the Ed sec DeVos stance, or other articles out there frames him as the last bastion of reasonable liberal- but he mentions more policy rules may be required in his official statement...

Regent Pattiz and UC regents governance comes up in the Daily Cal interview with Napolitano...

It is an interview- that's arguably news --not so much just opinion...

Monday, October 16, 2017

The origins of it...

Jerry Brown signs bill to make community college free statewide for first year


Gov. Jerry Brown vetoes bill to protect climate research and scientists — but vows to preserve data


UC research, work on the Northern California fires comes up in:

Despite clear risks, Santa Rosa neighborhood that burned down was exempt from fire regulations
University of California’s Cooperative Extension, said the maps were an important step forward in assessing fire danger."...


An UCSA meeting at UCLA covered' here:


In June there was:

60 Minutes with WaPo raises key firms (who have very close ties with UC and other Higher Ed) in their detailed report hitting multiple headlines

Also recall some key individual UC senior management have ties to at least one of the major firms mentioned in the piece as well.

And btw , UC med health committee meets:
Related Resources

October 18, 2017

For Closed session:

Agenda – Closed Session
Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of April 13, 2017

H1(X) Discussion Conflicts of Interest in the Health Enterprise: Legal Implications
and Options
Closed Session Statute Citation: Litigation [Education Code §92032(b)(5)]

H2(X) Discussion Salary Adjustment Using Non-State Funds for
Chief Executive Officer, UC San Diego Health System,
San Diego Campus
Closed Session Statute Citation: Personnel matters [Education Code §92032(b)(7)]

H3(X) Discussion Salary Adjustments Using Non-State Funds for Certain Members
of the Senior Management Group within the UC Health System
And for Open session:

Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of August 16, 2017
H1 Discussion Remarks of the Executive Vice President – UC Health

H2 Action Approval of Incentive Compensation Using Health System
Operating Revenues for Fiscal Year 2016-17 for Executive Vice
President – UC Health, Office of the President as Discussed in
Closed Session

H4 Discussion Affiliation for Advisory Services in China, Los Angeles Campus

H5 Discussion Clinical Quality Dashboard for University of California
Medical Centers

On a Title IX veto see:


"Gov. Jerry Brown on Saturday signed a law that will require the University of California to be more transparent in how it reports costs and how it deals with the state auditor, a measure that was introduced in the wake of a scathing audit of the UC president's office this spring. The audit found that the UC Office of the President failed to disclose up to $175 million in budget reserve funds, even as the system looked to lawmakers and tuition hikes for more money.
Records showed that surveys sent to individual campuses as part of the audit were altered after consultation with the president's office, raising concerns of interference in the audit by the top office. The new law will prohibit UC campuses from coordinating with the president's office when the state auditor requests information."

Remaking the University with:

UC Loses More Autonomy:

"State's response continues to be based on the notion that legislators and the Regents are the most appropriate people to co-govern the university with UCOP. But as has been proven repeatedly, neither the Legislature, nor the Regents, nor the Governor nor UCOP, for that matter, has demonstrated much grasp of the educational and research practices of the University. What is needed is greater internal democracy rather than simply legislative demands. And that internal democracy should be applied to the question of how to achieve the highest academic accomplishment, not simply how to achieve the greatest savings or, as far too many local administrators seem to think, develop the latest private sector fads."...


An ex officio UC Regent challenges a multi termed UC Regent's wife for a US Senate seat, exciting:

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

A Silence That Was Not Broken At UC Davis...

In the midst of natural and unnatural disasters where help is needed- and there are ways to, there is also this UC related news:

"Here’s Hillary Clinton on stage in Davis talking about Trump, Comey, fake news"

Hillary Clinton Breaks Silence On Harvey Weinstein Sexual Assault Reports"
"Until Tuesday afternoon, Clinton had been notably silent on the matter. She didn’t mention Weinstein, who has donated and helped raise large sums for the Clintons and the Democratic Party, on Monday at a book tour event at the University of California, Davis ― her first public appearance since the news broke."

- the political donations can flow to and from both sides, hedged bets by contributing to both or all political parties running... all sides... the idealist would say outrage should be non partisan etc (see Tapper, Kimmel apropos comments on that etc)
One of her former staff at State wrote this:

A current UC Berkeley doctoral student was one of the first to speak out, very early on
"Will USC Accept Harvey Weinstein's Women's Program Donation? | Hollywood Reporter - The Hollywood Reporter"

Petition Calls for USC to Reject Harvey Weinstein's $5M Women's Program Donation
Hollywood Reporter"

HRC also made a speech at Stanford, too-

"At Stanford, Hillary Clinton discusses the perils of technology | Stanford News - Stanford University"

But skipped Berkeley...

UC Regents with multiple ties to the film industry, they've also remained silent on the news that broke last week..

Friday, October 6, 2017

That Dean's Book Junket, more...

Presented simply as two-sided:
"On one side, there are increased demands to censor hateful, disrespectful, and bullying expression and to ensure an inclusive and nondiscriminatory learning environment. On the other side are traditional free speech advocates who charge that recent demands for censorship coddle students and threaten free inquiry."...

"In his new book" ...
See the admin sponsor of book junket tied to a chancellor themed year: here.

In contrast,
A much more of a sophisticated take on it here, in this report- where UC Berkeley recent events comes up in the last third of the story, analysis:


And there's:

Are they saying UCLA was the point of origin/funding for splintering the power of the student vote? Here

Thursday, October 5, 2017

UCSC and UCLA come up in Administrative Resistance to NLRB rules?!

"This University Suggested International Students Could Be Reported to ICE if They Unionized"

"The misinformation continued at the University of Oregon, University of California Santa Cruz, and UCLA, where administration spokespeople alleged that international students would forfeit their visas if they joined impending strikes, releasing statements with language similar to Washington University’s FAQ. The statements provoked strong reactions from union leadership; the strike at University of Oregon, which began as a dispute over sick leave, ended in a victory for the workers. While retaliation on the basis of visa status is definitively illegal according to the NLRB, these past intimidation tactics may offer a taste of future resistance from private university administrations in the event of a strike."

Is that :encouraging oh Can...?, or not?